Nagasaki bio park: Zoo and Botanical Garden

If you have ever been to a zoo and wanted the option to get more up close and personal with the animals, then Nagasaki Bio Park is the place to go! Nagasaki Bio Park wants to offer those that come visit with the “chance to learn about the harmony of nature through hands-on experiences”.

The Park

The park consists of 300,000 square meters of space, offering each animal space that represents their natural environment. The park has a natural flow to it, with easily marked paths to show which route is the best for viewing all of the animals.

Nagasaki Bio Park has around 2,000 animals consisting of 200 different species and about 1,000 different species of plants! Once entering the park, I had no idea of how enjoyable it would be, however, after I soon arrved at the first exhibit, I was blown away!

The Patagonian Mara

Nagasaki Bio Park

The first main exhibit leads us to the Patagonian Mara. This mammal resembles a jackrabbit, with its long ears and limbs. These animals are really social and friendly. When I went, they were huddled together resting in the sunlight. This area also has some food that you can buy and feed to the animals! The Patagonian Mara is also considered to be a near threatened species. This is the perfect way to start your day at Bio Park, and is a good representation of the fun that lies ahead!

The Flower Dome

Nagasaki Bio Park

After petting the cute Patagonian Maras, I found my way to the Flower Dome. Entering the Flower Dome, I was not sure what to expect. The entrance to the area was a little dark, but once you turn the corner, the corridor opens up to a lush green environment with beautiful flowers, plants, insects, and birds!

Nagasaki Bio Park

At first it seems like a color overload, as I have not seen such a vast array of flowers before in one spot. The ecosystem built here is truly amazing, and you will be highly impressed as it is like stepping into a tropical rain forest. My favorite part was finding all the various type of butterflies flying from flower to flower. There was careful consideration when creating this ecosystem, and that is clearly evident at Flower Dome!

Nagasaki Bio Park Walkthrough

Please enjoy my video of Nagasaki Bio Park as we walk through and enjoy the animals together!

Up and Onward

Nagasaki Bio Park

After exiting the Flower Dome, paths will lead you to the next “exhibits” of animals. I put exhibits in quotations because a lot of the animals are actually free to roam around and are unchained. The above photo, for example, was taken right next to the foot path. These little guys were just sitting around and watching everyone as they go buy. Some even walk around you for a bit!

Nagasaki Bio Park

Still making my way down the footpaths and did not see these guys at first. They are very friendly and are always hanging around from branch to branch. These animals too, are happy anytime someone wants to offer them food!

The Capybaras

Nagasaki Bio Park

If you have looked up Nagasaki Bio Park, the capybaras will be one of the main attractions. I finally made it to area where they could be seen following visitors and resting. The capybara in the above photo is lazily relaxing in their special hot spring! They loved being under the warm water and laying down.

Nagasaki Bio Park

Like much of Nagasaki Bio Park, this exhibit was also interactive in that there are many types of food to purchase and give to the capybaras! Feel like the king of capybaras and offer them some food! There will soon be swarms of them waiting impatiently to eat. It was such a fun experience and everyone from kids to adults were having fun feeding these “little” guys!

We Can Do What??

Nagasaki Bio Park

Okay so this part surprised me a little. At all the other zoos that I have been to, we were unable to enter the kangaroo exhibit and definitely were not able to feed them. Once I saw that we could enter I was hesitant at first but decided to enter at my own risk. It turns out that kangaroos are friendly (at least the ones here were).

There were many kangaroos just laying about and sunbathing. The baby in the above picture was so cute that it was hard not to get excited! Here, as with most other exhibits, you are also able to feed the animals.

Hanging out with the Squirrel Monkeys

Nagasaki Bio Park

This was one of my favorite parts of the zoo. You will have so much fun interacting with these little fellas as they climb on your arms and shoulders (just be careful about loose jewelry or small items). I spent a lot of time here enjoying the monkeys as they would hop on and off me and play with one another! They are completely harmless so do not worry about them, they are just curious and full of energy!

Pet Animal World (PAW)

Nagasaki Bio Park

After going through Nagasaki Bio Park, I would highly recommend going to Pet Animal World. For an extra 500 yen, you can enter an area where almost all the animals are walking around. With many of the animals you are also able to pet them!

Here you can pet many rabbits, guinea pigs, small rodents, hedgehogs, cats, dogs, and many more animals. Be warned, once entering, it is a little loud as all the animals are essentially in the same area.

Guinea Pig Bridge

Nagasaki Bio Park

One of the main attractions here is guinea pig bridge. Around 4:30 PM, it is time for the guinea pigs to go to the back if they choose, and take a break from all of the days exciting interactions that they had. The guinea pigs will notice the bridge coming down and all eagerly wait on the edge to cross. It is cute and hilarious to see all of them lined up and running across the bridge.

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

Nagasaki Bio Park

There are also separate rooms for cats and dogs. The rooms alternate, so if the cat room is open, the dog area is closed. You will enjoy both places as there are many breeds to pet and interact with. While waiting for guinea pig bridge you can run around with the dogs, or sit with the cats!

Nagasaki Bio Park was so much fun, and a completely new way to experience animals. I would highly recommend taking the trip here if you have time. There are also many places to take a break and enjoy some refreshments and food.

How to Get There
Nagasaki Bio Parks website offers great detailed information on how to get to the park: ACCESS

Hours and Fees
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