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  • hasami cherry blossom

    Weeping Cherry Blossom: Hasami, Japan

    Hey everyone! I had the opportunity to enjoy viewing this 100 year old weeping cherry blossom tree! It can be found in Hasami, Japan. Nestled into the side of a small mountain, the short climb to the cherry blossom tree is well worth it and offers a great view!  

  • 99 islands boat tour

    Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort – Pirate Ship Boat Tour

    Sasebo has many attractions and wonderful places to go see, but today I went to Kujukushima and took a ride on the pirate-themed ship, mirai. This is Japan’s first electrically driven boat! There is also another boat to choose from called the “Pearl Queen”, but this one obviously caught my eye. About Kujukushima Kujukushima stands […]

  • arita porcelain park

    Arita Porcelain Park

    Situated in Arita, Japan, Arita Porcelain Park is a small theme park with one prominent feature. That feature is the recreation of the Zwinger Palace that is in Dresden, Germany. The whole theme park gives a recreation of a traditional German village. Inside of the palace, there are numerous exhibits displaying Arita and German porcelain. […]

  • Nagasaki Bio Park

    Nagasaki bio park: Zoo and Botanical Garden

    If you have ever been to a zoo and wanted the option to get more up close and personal with the animals, then Nagasaki Bio Park is the place to go! Nagasaki Bio Park wants to offer those that come visit with the “chance to learn about the harmony of nature through hands-on experiences”. The […]

  • suwa shrine

    Suwa Shrine – The Major Shinto Shrine of Nagasaki

    Established in 1614, Suwa Shrine was built as a way to stop the spread of Christianity in Nagasaki. Suwa Shrine was built in the same year that Tokugawa Ieyasu reversed Japans relationship with Christianity. This edict forced Christian people to denounce their Christianity and convert back to the Japanese religions of Buddhism and Shinto. This […]


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