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  • oura church

    Oura Church – Japan’s National Treasure

    Within the hillside of Nagasaki is Oura Church, the oldest existing Christian building in Japan. Built during the end of Japan’s seclusion policy in 1864, the original structure was a small three-isle wooden structure and was created by the same carpenter that constructed the Glover Residence. From 1875-1879, major remodeling took place to create the […]

  • glover garden

    Glover Garden – One of Nagasaki’s Most Important Cultural Assets

    Sitting atop the Minami Yamate hillside in Nagasaki, Japan, lies Glover Garden. Completed in 1863 for Thomas Blake Glover, this location offers a beautiful view of the Nagasaki harbor. With the shogunate opening trade for Japan, Thomas Glover came with the knowledge and perseverance to teach Japan about the innovations from the Western world. Thomas […]

  • Dejima

    Dejima – Portal to the West

    Nagasaki is rich in history, and a lot of that has to do with the creation of Dejima. During the Edo Period, Dejima served as the only place for trade between Japan and the outside world. History Dejima was created for Portuguese who were looking for a new port to do trade in following the […]

  • Hasami – A Small Town Rich in History

    Hasami – A Small Town Rich in History

    Tucked away within Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture is Hasami, a small town of just 15,000 people, rich in history. Along with the beautiful green landscape and welcoming people of Hasami, you will also be surprised to know that the town of Hasami has made a name for itself in Japanese history for over 400 years. What […]

  • Shimabara Castle

    Shimabara Castle – Amazing History and Beautiful Sights

    Location and Geography of Shimabara Castle Shimabara Castle is a five-story castle built by Matsukura Shigemasa around 1618 during the Edo Period (1603-1868). This Castle is located in Shimabara City, situated between Ariake Bay, and Mount Unzen. One of the greatest and most noteworthy features one will notice while visiting Shimabara Castle are the amazing views […]


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